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Didgeridoo and Sleep Apnea – Alex Suarez Interview Part 2

Barry Martin sits down for a one on one interview with Alex Suarez, the founder of Asate, a Swiss based medical organization, which specializes in the therapeutic use of the didgeridoo for sleep apnea.

In this second part of their interview Alex continues to discuss his experiences with learning to play the didgeridoo for his own sleep apnea, and how that led to the initial Swiss study which was published internationally including the British Medical Journal. Alex describes the different techniques of playing the didgeridoo and how this trains the muscles at the back of the throat, tightening them to eventually resist collapse which causes sleep apnea. He also covers the discovery that circular breathing, while helpful when applied to sleep apnea therapy, isn’t essential in gaining the benefits.

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  1. JenandBen says:

    My husband suffers from sleep apnea so we both can relate to your post. Great video. Thanks.

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