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Didgeridoo For Sleep Apnea Therapy

For those looking for an alternate therapy for their sleep apnea woes, why not try a didgeridoo. LA Outback has been in the didgeridoo community for 15 years but hadn’t heard of sleep apnea until the didgeridoo study at the University of Zurich came out in 2006. They made headlines with their therapy, and below are some links to credible resources where you can read about the science behind this fun and affordable practice to help combat obstructive sleep apnea:

British Medical Journal, Science Daily, Men’s Health and ABC News

As a result of trying to best assist this new wave of didgeridoo customers, LA Outback created a sleep apnea package which includes the instrument, and instructional DVD, mouthpiece cover and a bottle of our Didgeri-Clean antiseptic spray. The didgeridoo package deal is a modestly priced way to enter into the experience of playing the instrument without the need to spend extra on a traditional eucalyptus instrument from Australia.

LA Outback Didgeridoo

LA Outback is always here to help you find the right didgeridoo for your needs, whether you want to use one for sleep apnea therapy, or just to experience the wonderful drones for musical practice or relaxation. We’re based in California, so shipping within the US is a breeze.

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