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Robert Remington Didgeridoos

Seven New Robert Remington Agave Didgeridoos

Check out the latest beautiful agave didgeridoos from Robert Remington!

Robert Remington Didgeridoos

Robert Remington makes amazing hand crafted didgeridoos from agave. If you’re not familiar with the agave plant, it is a desert succulent that grows all throughout the most South Western states including Southern California. The plant produces one giant stalk near the end of their life cycle, and this giant shoot is what crafters make didges from.

We are pleased to have seven of these new beauties in from Robert, and we expect them to go quickly, as his work is truly one of a kind. Robert Remington uses pieces of hand tooled leather to adorn the tops of each instrument which include images of animals living in Arizona where he lives. The mouthpieces are all created out of exotic hardwoods and provide the perfect embouchure for players of any skill level. Gems and stones occasionally get used near the didgeridoo bells which add a beautiful element from the earth.

Check out Robert’s latest didgeridoos at LAOutback.com

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