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My Didgeridoo “Pick of the Week”

This week it’s “Goannas on the Barb-B” by James Wallace!

Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! On top of that you can use the coupon code “yelp” when you check out and get $25 off! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This dark, twisted beauty of a didge offers extraordinary harmonic resonance, strong frequencies, and a very agreeable pitch for playing faster riddims.

This is a SENSATIONAL SOUNDING didgeridoo that’s gonna rumble your jungle, bro, and at a very fair price for this quality! It easily responds to subtle changes in pressure, mouth shape, and vocals, effortlessly gleaming from crickety chirps to tiki drums. Sassy, biting, twangy response to tongued riddims. Very easy horn toots, all warm against the drone, and you’ll discover multiple sonic hot spots that reside in and resound through this didgeridoo. Optimal strong-medium backpressure for its size and pitch makes the circular breathing technique easier. This one’s gonna find a home fast, mate, trust me. Don’t hesitate if it calls to you. Please contact us if you have any questions. Visit this page for full details, more photos, and to watch an HD video demo by Brandon: http://www.laoutback.com/Goannas_on_the_Bar_B_p/02didj%20-%20wallace07.htm

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