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Gotta Love the “Chooky Dancers”

Watch a video from the link below! The “Chooky Dancers” combine traditional Yolngu song and dance with popular Western themes. “Chook” means chicken, so even their name is ironic.

The first time I saw these fellas they stood on stage eerily silent and stoned-faced, then, as the music began, this mob of traditional fellas from a remote area of Australia began doing ballet steps to music from “Zorba the Greek”. They wow audiences all over the world with their mystique, talent, wit and charm. They’ve just launched a website to showcase awesome photographs and video taken of them from China to Ramingining. Here’s a link to their gallery page: http://thechookydancers.com/content/gallery/

Click on this link to watch the video! http://www.abc.net.au/arts/stories/s2851015.htm

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