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Didgeridoo Pick of the Week!

Here’s my didgeridoo “PICK OF THE WEEK”

Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This handsome didgeridoo offers CAVERNOUS, VIBRANT and EVOCATIVE acoustics. Crafted and decorated by Djapardi (pronounced Jah-’par-dee) who first stains the wood and then carefully etches Australian animals, reptiles, and aboriginal symbols into the wood, revealing the lighter wood beneath the stain. He then does a bit of detail with painted dots before sealing the wood. The artwork on this didge features a big barramundi fish and sea turtles along with aboriginal symbols for billabongs (water marshes) and lapping waves. Ken “Djapardi” Morgan is from New South Wales, Australia, and his imagery depicts animals and icons symbolic of his bush country ancestry. Crafted from termite hollowed eucalyptus. All of the natural bark has been left on the bottom for a truly organic look and feel (the bark is sealed so it won’t flake off). The interior bore is very clear and open which increases volume, harmonics, and clarity of tone.

Full details about this didge: http://www.laoutback.com/Deep_Creek_Rising_p/01didj%20-%20pntdjap05.htm

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