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Didgeribone slide didge

The Digeribone Now Back In Stock at LA Outback

If you ever wanted to get your hands on the perfect sliding didgeridoo then now is your chance. The Didgeribone gives you the flexibility of 10 different notes in one instrument. You can’t get more expansive than that with one didgeridoo.

Didgeribone sliding didgeridoopInvented by Charlie McMahon in 1981, this amazing didgeridoo came from his desire to expand the potential for didgeridoo in music. Different materials were tried. Metals were found to be unsuitable as they corrode from breath moisture and sound cold. Wood pipes tended to jam as wood absorbs moisture and the inner pipe expands more than the outer one. Polyresin had none of these problems, and it makes the instrument light in weight for easy transport.

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