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New MP3 Download Store

After many years of watching CD sales decline, we’ve really wanted to offer the ability to give customers the option of purchasing music as MP3 downloads. There are so many talented didgeridoo artists out there who really deserve to have their material heard, however we couldn’t afford to sit on inventory for extended periods as sales trickled in. As a result our CD section sadly became very limited. Well now the time is here to finally pull our vision together courtesy of our new shopping cart system.

Currently you can browse through titles by a handful of artists like Zalem, Pamela Mortenson, Dubravko Lapaine, Shibaten, Todd Johnson, Kristian Benton, Rafael Bejarano, Dijinus and Randy Graves. We’re working on gathering tiles from many more artists from around the globe and will be adding their work throughout 2011.

Didgeridoo Music MP3 Covers

If you have any artists that you think we should be aware of and add to the lineup, please send us a message through our online contact form with the artist’s name. We’re always keeping a lookout for new people to add, but with so many great didgeridoo players out there it’s hard to be aware of them all.

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