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LA Outback Aboriginal Art Sale

Over the past fifteen years, LA Outback has carved out a presence online as the number one resource in the US for high quality didgeridoos and Australian aboriginal art. As always we strive to focus on offering quality aboriginal art at very accessible prices. We can afford do this as we don’t have the heavy overhead costs that many brick and mortar art galleries face when selling to the public face to face.

Right now is a great time to pick up a piece of aboriginal art if you’ve ever been considering doing so. LA Outback is offering a rare sale of 20% off most of the works in our online art gallery, including paintings on canvas, framed aboriginal art, framed boomerangs, agate and bone art. All these works are 100% aboriginal crafted and range from fine dot art paintings from Australia’s Central Desert, to cross hatch work from Arnhem Land.

Australian aboriginal art

Paintings from Arnhem Land

Take a moment to stop on by LA Outback’s art gallery section and discover the perfect piece for your home or office. And as always, thank you for supporting authentic aboriginal art and Fair Trade ethics.

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