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Kozo and Senri Visit LA Outback from Japan

Last night the phone rang shortly after closing time and the person on the other end asked “Do you sell didgeridoos… and where are you located?”. After conforming the address, the person on the other end said, “…well I guess we are here”. I shuttled out to the shop and greeted three travelers from Japan and their friend from the US showing them around.

So it turns out our late night guests included two renowned drummers; Kozo Suganuma and Senri Kawaguchi, both visiting from Tokyo, here to perform at the NAMM show in Anaheim at the end of the week. Seems Kozo has been a huge fan of the LA Outback site for years and could talk about nothing else but visiting our shop once their travel plans were set. He visited Disneyland the previous day and when asked if he enjoyed the visit to the park, he said not as much as seeing our shop in person. We were very flattered by that!

Group portrait in the Tiki Hut

Group portrait in the Tiki Hut
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After showing our guests around the shop and getting Kozo set with a few didgeridoos to add to his collection of nearly 100 (see his collection here), we headed out to the Tiki Hut to snap some more photos and visit a bit more. Both Kozo Suganuma and Senri Kawaguchi are very accomplished drummers in Japan and both are sponsored, Kozo by Yamaha and Senri by Zildjian. I’ve pulled a couple videos from Youtube so you can see their talents in action.

The above clip is of Kozo

The above clip is of Senri (pretty impressive, especially for a 14 year old!)

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