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Glass didgeridoos by Nicola Mainville

Heads up didgeridoo community! Got some cool news! LA Outback has just posted three incredible didgeridoos by Canadian crafter Nicola Mainville who specializes in hand blown glass instruments. These beauties really have to be seen for those who appreciate truly unique didgeridoos that are also fine pieces of art. We’ve recently become acquainted with Nicola’s beautiful didgeridoo crafting when one of his instruments came to us on consignment and we are very excited to have his work present on our site.

Nicola Mainville glass didgeridoosglass didgeridoo

Nicola says, “Hand blown glass is a wonderful material visually, and with a great potential of resonance. With a high density (2-6 time heavier than water) glass vibrates easily, resonating without muting. The multiple possibilities of texture, transparency, opacity and coloration, give me the opportunity to create pieces with an excellent acoustic and visual appeal. And contrary to what we may think, it is quite difficult to break these objects unless you give them a violent shock that would break most musical instruments (violin, guitar, flute, etc.)”

After studying woodworking and glass at the College of Old Montreal, Nicola focused his work on the creation of sculptural and functional glass didgeridoos and percussion. After completing his studies in the craft, he deepened his knowledge of glass blowing, cast glass, and woodworking, as well as his ability to tune glass. Since 2004 he’s worked as an autonomous creator of glass musical instruments. Nicola has received three grants of research of the Quebec Art Council that have allowed him to significantly develop glass musical instruments. He has been part of many collective exhibitions including SOFA Chicago, Palm-Beach, New-York, and Choengju International Craft of South Korea. He also presents musical performances on his hand made instruments. This hand blown glass didgeridoo features an oak mouthpiece, no beeswax is needed. The bell end is protected by a ring of cork fused to the glass.

Check out Nicola Mainville’s beautiful didgeridoos at LA Outback.com

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