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Free Larry’s Beans Coffee With Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Purchase

Enjoy a ‘Cuppa’ On Us

SPECIAL OFFER! Get a free 12oz bag of Larry’s Beans coffee with the purchase of any eucalyptus didgeridoo while supply lasts. To learn all about these awesome roasters in Raleigh, NC, just visit their website. It’s our favorite didgeri-brew, and we always have a fresh pot on both for ourselves and for visiting customers.

Larry's Beans Coffee

Try L.A.Outback’s favorite didgeri-brew for free. We’ve got fresh bags of Larry’s Beans amazing Cowboy Blend ready to ship with your new eucalyptus didgeridoo. This blend is big, bold ‘n smooth with rich, spicy tones and a smoky finish. Blended ‘n roasted for a campfire specialness! Yippie Ki Yaay! When they’re gone they’re gone, so rock up and get your lips groovin’.

Kevin, pictured at right, is a serious didgeridoo hound, and during one conversation I asked him what he does in Raleigh, NC, besides playing the didge. I found out that Kevin is VP of Operations at Larry’s Beans coffee roasters. Well guess what, I enjoy coffee almost as much as I enjoy the didgeridoo, and it was especially nice to find out about his company’s ethics and Fair Trade practices.

Having people like Kevin as a didgeridoo customer is one of the things we love most about our work. And here at L.A.Outback we now brew Larry’s Beans every day for ourselves and for visiting customers. In my opinion, Larry’s Beans roasts the best hand picked coffee beans you’ll find anywhere. They are also 100% Fair Trade, certified organic, shade grown, kosher, and packed in bio-degradable bags. The beans are slow roasted by coffee artists in a passive solar, super-green warehouse. It is fitting to mutually support someone that shares our taste, not to mention our eco-friendly and Fair Trade ethics. If you enjoy coffee, click on the banner below to learn more about Larry’s Beans, and discover all of their blends.

2 Responses to “Free Larry’s Beans Coffee With Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Purchase”

  1. Lise says:

    How do I get these or know if they're still available when I ordered my didge today THEN saw the offer that was made in April? Just curious. :)

    • Barry says:

      When special offers disappear from our home page, that means the offer is over. We shipped all of the free coffee in about 5 weeks time. We do this offer with Larry's Beans once or twice a year though, so you'll get another chance! Meanwhile, visit http://www.LarrysBeans.com and you can order this great coffee on their website.

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