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Alex Suarez

Didgeridoo and Sleep Apnea – Alex Suarez Interview part 1

Barry Martin interviews Alex Suarez, the founder of Asate, a group in Switzerland which specializes in the medical use of the didgeridoo for sleep apnea therapy.

In this first part of the interview done at LA Outback, Alex discusses how he first discovered the didgeridoo and how he applied it to his chronic sleep apnea. His own personal success lead to his connection with the University of Zurich to begin the first clinical trial in 2006 which has been published a number of times over the years including the British Medical Journal.

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that effects thousands of men and women in the form of chronic snoring which can seriously disrupt a healthy sleep pattern. LA Outback has been in the business of selling didgeridoos for fifteen years and affordable models for sleep apnea can be purchased at www.laoutback.com

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  1. Sue Goetze says:

    i have just been diognosed with sleep apnea.. i find this interview amazing! i will look into it when i see my doctor..

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