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“The Didgeridoo” Instruction DVD by Inlakesh

LA Outback just received our copies of the newly updated instructional DVD “The Didgeridoo” by Inlakesh. This new version of the popular title now features easy to use chapter markers including helpful topics like; what to look for in a good didgeridoo, how to form a beeswax mouthpiece, how to achieve the basic drone, bird and animal noises, basic and advanced rhythms and of course, circular breathing. It’s a great resource to have for anyone wanting to learn to play the didgeridoo.

The Didgeridoo by InlakeshThe upgrade to “The Didgeridoo” by Inlakesh also features new environmentally friendly packaging with much less plastic than the original case.

Visit LA Outback to pick up a copy or any of the other great tutorial we sell to help you with your journey on learning the didgeridoo.

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