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Playing the Didgeridoo – 5 CD Box Set

Ever wanted to learn to play that didgeridoo you’ve got sitting in the corner? Know how to make the basic drone, but can’t quite figure out how to make your didge bark like a dingo, cackle like a kookaburra or bounce like a kangaroo? Or is the concept of circular breathing leaving you completely baffled? The best way to take your didgeridoo playing to the next level is with a great set of 5 CDs titled “Playing the Didgeridoo” available in our store.

Didgeridoo Tutorial CDsSince we began carrying the “Playing The Didgeridoo” CD series, it’s been a very helpful educational tool for hundreds of didgeridoo players at a number of different skill levels. Included in the lessons are.

Disc 1: Beginner Techniques
Disc 2: Expanding Your Rhythms
Disc 3: Extended Techniques
Disc 4: Building Complex Rhythms
Disc 5: Groove Tracks

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