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New exotic bamboo didgeridoos at LA Outback

We’re excited to announce the birth of Will Thoren’s new Bamboo Multi Drone didgeridoos! “What really excites me”, says Will, “is these instruments enable me to craft solid multi drone instruments that are more affordable. After months of brainstorming it took some time to find a material that could achieve the specific shape necessary for this type of instrument and still maintain a natural and powerful sound. The idea of assembling multiple diameters of high quality bamboo struck me like lightning as the perfect option. I dropped all wood projects at the time and dove head-first into making these meet my quality standards. The new material and construction techniques make for an amazingly well balanced instrument that is excellent for playing complex modern styles. The thicker bamboo used for the middle and bell section is amazingly hard and up to 2 cm thick.

Muti Drone Bamboo Didgeridoos

These new creations feature the same hand carved mouthpieces that I craft on my wood instruments. For me a good mouthpiece is the most important part of a didgeridoo. Give me a good mouthpiece on a milk carton and I’ll still be able to make it sound funky! The point is, when treated like wood in regards to shape, design and selection of the right bamboo, this stuff is incredible! As a player who likes to play many notes – and play them fast – the density of the bamboo offers a very solid clear projection of whatever power I throw into it. Each one is an all around dream for learning the multi drone technique and each one ripples with energy as you play it. Prepare to be amazed by the transformation of a material widely considered to be of very limited use for didgeridoos. Let the limitless EXPLODE!!!”

Bamboo didgesWill Thoren didges

Matt GrosswendtThese didgeridoos were hand painted by Matt Grosswendt with colorful designs of enigmatic interpretation, just like the expression on his face in the photo at left (more about Matt coming soon!) Whether you’re just starting out or you are a master seeking the expanded range of the multi drone, these instruments will be an accelerating amplifier to your sonic expression.

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