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gorangutang indigogo

Gorangutang Launches Indigogo Campaign to Make Debut Album!

Gorangutang is a cool electro-funk-rap band who’s members are based in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The unit is comprised of William Thoren on didgeridoo, mandolin and vocals; Tra’zae Clinton on keyboards and vocals, Trey Lewd on vocals and guitar Andrew Haas on bass and Josh Jones on Drums. The group is a Los Angeles based group that mixes electronic hip hop with live elements of funk, rock, and organic dubstep sounding didgeridoo rhythms. The group is led by … [ Read the Rest... ]

Zalem and Adele

Adele & Zalem – Didgeridoo Duet Music Video

Here’s a cool video from Adele and Zalem which features a didgeridoo duet track from their 2013 album “Urban Tree”. Adèle and Zalem have both played the aboriginal musical instrument known as the didgeridoo since 2002. During a performance together in Grenoble France, the pair realized that the inspiration they brought to each other couldn’t be ignored, so they formed their duet. Each brings their own unique perspective on the instrument, blending together into an amazing duo. Both players are … [ Read the Rest... ]


Remembering Heath Ledger as Didgeridoo Player

Before Heath became an actor he was slated to be a pro surfer, and he was also a fairly accomplished didgeridoo player. He even turned up playing didge in a surfing video by Billabong called “Bunyip Dreaming”. When Heath was a guest on the Ellen Show in 2004 he borrowed some didgeridoos from us for a funny bit. Here’s a low resolution video of the segment: http://tinyurl.com/3wezjvm After the show aired I put both of the didgeridoos that Heath and … [ Read the Rest... ]


Drum ‘n Didge Live at LA Outback

This is a live performance by Drum ‘n Didge held on stage at LA Outback’s didgeridoo store in Laguna Beach. The guys were in town for the Joshua Tree Didgeridoo Festival in 2002 and opened for Ash Dargan that evening.


Didgeridoo and Sleep Apnea – Alex Suarez Interview Part 2

Barry Martin sits down for a one on one interview with Alex Suarez, the founder of Asate, a Swiss based medical organization, which specializes in the therapeutic use of the didgeridoo for sleep apnea. In this second part of their interview Alex continues to discuss his experiences with learning to play the didgeridoo for his own sleep apnea, and how that led to the initial Swiss study which was published internationally including the British Medical Journal. Alex describes the different … [ Read the Rest... ]


Help Support Documentary on Djalu on Kickstarter

Los Angeles based documentary film maker Joshua Bell is raising funds on Kickstarter to help complete his latest project “Why is No One Listening” which focuses on Djalu Gurruwiwi and his community. For those who may not know, Djalu is an Australian Aboriginal elder, leader of the Galpu clan, and world-renowned didjeridu master, as he fights for the future of his family and his community. Alcoholism and drug abuse run rampant, while a ravenous bauxite mining company continues to swallow … [ Read the Rest... ]

AJ Block

AJ Block Demos Wooden Slide Didgeridoo

AJ Block of Didge Project in New York came by LA Outback for a brief visit while he was in town to perform at the Aboriginal Dreamtime Gallery in West Hollywood. While he was here we captured a video of him demonstrating his wooden slide didgeridoo by Wood Slide. We had heard of these didgeridoos but never seen one, so it was cool to hear AJ playing one. They really have amazing tonal quality and great note control.

Little Sun

Pledge to help Mark finish his new album “Little Sun”

Mark is raising funds on Kickstarter.com to help complete his new CD. The new album titled “Little Sun” is a collection of songs inspired by the life of Dingo whom some of you may have met. As you might remember we lost Dingo after he fought a valiant battle with canine lymphoma. Dingo was truly an amazing creature who entered our universe for too short a time, touching all around him in ways I never thought possible. He was a … [ Read the Rest... ]

William Barton

William Barton Interview

Will Thoren interviews Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo player William Barton for LA Outback. Will and William have been friends for about four years and they discuss William’s involvement with incorporating didgeridoo into classical music arrangements. The interview was conducted January 2011 during William’s trip to the US while visiting friends.

Justin and Jeremy Arndt

Justin and Jeremy Arndt Perform at LA Outback

Justin and Jeremy Arndt paid a visit to LA Outback, gracing our ‘Tiki Hut Stage’ with a handfull of songs for didgeridoo, frame drum, halo drum and Cajon. The brothers both reside in upstate Michigan and stopped by LA Outback while visiting California on a mini-tour in Los Angeles. They had been performing at yoga centers and churches while here, and we were lucky they had some free time to visit and and journey out for dinner at one of … [ Read the Rest... ]