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Robert Remington Didgeridoos

Seven New Robert Remington Agave Didgeridoos

Check out the latest beautiful agave didgeridoos from Robert Remington! Robert Remington makes amazing hand crafted didgeridoos from agave. If you’re not familiar with the agave plant, it is a desert succulent that grows all throughout the most South Western states including Southern California. The plant produces one giant stalk near the end of their life cycle, and this giant shoot is what crafters make didges from. We are pleased to have seven of these new beauties in from Robert, … [ Read the Rest... ]


My Didgeridoo “Pick of the Week”

This week it’s “Goannas on the Barb-B” by James Wallace! Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! On top of that you can use the coupon code “yelp” when you check out and get $25 off! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This dark, twisted beauty of a didge offers extraordinary harmonic resonance, strong frequencies, and a very agreeable pitch for playing faster riddims. This is a SENSATIONAL SOUNDING didgeridoo … [ Read the Rest... ]


L.A.Outback’s Promo on Yelp! Saves You $25 Instantly

Easy, instant savings with no obligation. Get $25 off your total order of $75 or more. That’s 33% off! Simply enter the promo code yelp in the coupon field when you check out on our website. Or, ring us on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll take your order on the phone and apply the discount manually, no worries. You are not required to leave a comment or review about us on Yelp, but we would truly appreciate it. Small businesses like L.A.Outback … [ Read the Rest... ]


Didgeridoo Pick of the Week!

Here’s my didgeridoo “PICK OF THE WEEK” Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This handsome didgeridoo offers CAVERNOUS, VIBRANT and EVOCATIVE acoustics. Crafted and decorated by Djapardi (pronounced Jah-’par-dee) who first stains the wood and then carefully etches Australian animals, reptiles, and aboriginal symbols into the wood, revealing the lighter wood beneath the stain. He then does a bit of detail with painted … [ Read the Rest... ]


Gotta Love the “Chooky Dancers”

Watch a video from the link below! The “Chooky Dancers” combine traditional Yolngu song and dance with popular Western themes. “Chook” means chicken, so even their name is ironic. The first time I saw these fellas they stood on stage eerily silent and stoned-faced, then, as the music began, this mob of traditional fellas from a remote area of Australia began doing ballet steps to music from “Zorba the Greek”. They wow audiences all over the world with their mystique, … [ Read the Rest... ]


The Didgeridoo Heckler

So you’re outside playing didgeridoo, maybe busking, and someone shouts from the crowd “A dingo ate my baby!” But only you and the vociferous joker get the quip ( a line delivered by Meryl Streep in the great film “A Cry in the Dark”). You keep on playing and then you hear, “Reeeeecolaaaaa!”. That’s it… you stand up and THWACK the guy upside the head. In court the judge tells you, “That was a didgeri-don’t!” And once in jail your … [ Read the Rest... ]