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Free Larry’s Beans Coffee With Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Purchase

Enjoy a ‘Cuppa’ On Us SPECIAL OFFER! Get a free 12oz bag of Larry’s Beans coffee with the purchase of any eucalyptus didgeridoo while supply lasts. To learn all about these awesome roasters in Raleigh, NC, just visit their website. It’s our favorite didgeri-brew, and we always have a fresh pot on both for ourselves and for visiting customers. Try L.A.Outback’s favorite didgeri-brew for free. We’ve got fresh bags of Larry’s Beans amazing Cowboy Blend ready to ship with your … [ Read the Rest... ]


Evoking the Dreamtime – by Barry Martin

Just hearing or reading the word Dreamtime may conjure up surreal images of a utopian world where everything is just as it should be. But what does this word really mean and where did it come from? The answer can be as complex as the ideal. First, know that the word Dreamtime was not derived or interpreted from any Australian Aboriginal language. Rather, this evocative term was coined by early anthropologists to represent the entirety of Aboriginal mythology, law, and … [ Read the Rest... ]


New Yidaki and Vintage Didgeridoos

LA Outback has just received a beautiful collection of yidaki and vintage didgeridoos the other day. The instruments are now photographed with individual video demos by expert player Andjru Werderitsch. All these incredible Australian instruments have been acquired from a personal collection of a longtime didgeridoo customer, who built a beautiful quiver of outstanding sticks over the years. Like many collectors he simple needed to scale back his collection and is hoping they all eventually find great new homes. If … [ Read the Rest... ]


Glass didgeridoos by Nicola Mainville

Heads up didgeridoo community! Got some cool news! LA Outback has just posted three incredible didgeridoos by Canadian crafter Nicola Mainville who specializes in hand blown glass instruments. These beauties really have to be seen for those who appreciate truly unique didgeridoos that are also fine pieces of art. We’ve recently become acquainted with Nicola’s beautiful didgeridoo crafting when one of his instruments came to us on consignment and we are very excited to have his work present on our … [ Read the Rest... ]

Alex Suarez

Didgeridoo and Sleep Apnea – Alex Suarez Interview part 1

Barry Martin interviews Alex Suarez, the founder of Asate, a group in Switzerland which specializes in the medical use of the didgeridoo for sleep apnea therapy. In this first part of the interview done at LA Outback, Alex discusses how he first discovered the didgeridoo and how he applied it to his chronic sleep apnea. His own personal success lead to his connection with the University of Zurich to begin the first clinical trial in 2006 which has been published … [ Read the Rest... ]

Little Sun

Pledge to help Mark finish his new album “Little Sun”

Mark is raising funds on Kickstarter.com to help complete his new CD. The new album titled “Little Sun” is a collection of songs inspired by the life of Dingo whom some of you may have met. As you might remember we lost Dingo after he fought a valiant battle with canine lymphoma. Dingo was truly an amazing creature who entered our universe for too short a time, touching all around him in ways I never thought possible. He was a … [ Read the Rest... ]


LA Outback’s 15 Year Anniversary

Who would have thought that when we came up with the crazy idea of selling didgeridoos on the internet, we’d wind up being where we are today. Considering what was originally going to be some extra pocket money and help supplement our other jobs, neither of us imagined that the journey would become such an amazing one. CLICK HERE to view 100 photos of LA Outback didgeridoo history! Today marks the actual day that we went down to city hall, … [ Read the Rest... ]


Kozo and Senri Visit LA Outback from Japan

Last night the phone rang shortly after closing time and the person on the other end asked “Do you sell didgeridoos… and where are you located?”. After conforming the address, the person on the other end said, “…well I guess we are here”. I shuttled out to the shop and greeted three travelers from Japan and their friend from the US showing them around. So it turns out our late night guests included two renowned drummers; Kozo Suganuma and Senri … [ Read the Rest... ]


New MP3 Download Store

After many years of watching CD sales decline, we’ve really wanted to offer the ability to give customers the option of purchasing music as MP3 downloads. There are so many talented didgeridoo artists out there who really deserve to have their material heard, however we couldn’t afford to sit on inventory for extended periods as sales trickled in. As a result our CD section sadly became very limited. Well now the time is here to finally pull our vision together … [ Read the Rest... ]


Tippi Hedren Visits LA Outback

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Tippi Hedren here at the shop. She came by to pick up a didgeridoo for a family member and was gracious enough to allow us to snap a couple photos for the LA Outback scrapbook. Most of you might only know Tippi Hedren for her acting career, including her famed roll in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, which has spanned an impressive 50 years. For those of you who may know, she’s … [ Read the Rest... ]