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William Barton

William Barton Interview

Will Thoren interviews Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo player William Barton for LA Outback. Will and William have been friends for about four years and they discuss William’s involvement with incorporating didgeridoo into classical music arrangements. The interview was conducted January 2011 during William’s trip to the US while visiting friends.


An interview with French didgeridoo player Zalem

Zalem is a very gifted didgeridoo player who resides in France, but has spent quite a lot of time over the years traveling the globe, morphing his unique playing technique along the way. We recently discovered Zalem and have just added his CD “Tribes” as our ‘featured artist’ selection for January. If you haven’t checked it out yet definitely treat your ears to his unique playing style of didgeridoo beatboxing mixed with a wide variety of percussion. His latest release … [ Read the Rest... ]