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Robert Remington Didgeridoos

Seven New Robert Remington Agave Didgeridoos

Check out the latest beautiful agave didgeridoos from Robert Remington! Robert Remington makes amazing hand crafted didgeridoos from agave. If you’re not familiar with the agave plant, it is a desert succulent that grows all throughout the most South Western states including Southern California. The plant produces one giant stalk near the end of their life cycle, and this giant shoot is what crafters make didges from. We are pleased to have seven of these new beauties in from Robert, … [ Read the Rest... ]

Didgeridoo Sale

Our Biggest Didgeridoo Sale Ever!

Get the new or vintage didgeridoo you want and save big. Sale ends Oct. 9, 2011. We’ve loaded up our robust website with heaps of awesome looking and deadly sounding didgeridoos, including some odd lots you have to see to believe. And as many of you already know, it’s only going a matter of hours before they start finding good homes. Visit us now and you’re gonna save like never before. As ever, we thank you so much for your … [ Read the Rest... ]


My Didgeridoo “Pick of the Week”

This week it’s “Goannas on the Barb-B” by James Wallace! Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! On top of that you can use the coupon code “yelp” when you check out and get $25 off! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This dark, twisted beauty of a didge offers extraordinary harmonic resonance, strong frequencies, and a very agreeable pitch for playing faster riddims. This is a SENSATIONAL SOUNDING didgeridoo … [ Read the Rest... ]

Ironbark didgeridoo

Didgeridoo Pick of the Week

Here’s my didgeridoo “PICK OF THE WEEK” Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This didgeridoo is LOUD and POWERFUL with very articulate vocal response and thrumming bass frequencies. This is a very impressive sounding didgeridoo that’s easeful and enjoyable to play. The high pitched drone makes it great for playing in drume circles or jamming with friends. You can SHRED on this one … [ Read the Rest... ]

Lewis Burns Didgeridoo

Lewis Burns Playing at “Art of the Didgeridoo”

Great news: Lewis Burns (Wiradjuri aboriginal) will perform at our “Art of the Didgeridoo” exhibit this Sat., July 30 at 7 PM! Lewis will play didgeridoo and display some of his own artwork available for purchase. To honor his culture, Lewis will wear traditional laplap and body paint (see photo). Don’t miss the opening reception, full details here: http://www.laoutback.com/Articles.asp?ID=246 Lewis is coming all the way from Dubbo in NSW, Australia. This exhibit has turned into quite an event, so make … [ Read the Rest... ]


Didgeridoo Pick of the Week!

Here’s my didgeridoo “PICK OF THE WEEK” Our blog readers get free shipping on this deadly didgeridoo! Just call in your order on 1-800-519-1140 and we’ll apply the free shipping. This handsome didgeridoo offers CAVERNOUS, VIBRANT and EVOCATIVE acoustics. Crafted and decorated by Djapardi (pronounced Jah-’par-dee) who first stains the wood and then carefully etches Australian animals, reptiles, and aboriginal symbols into the wood, revealing the lighter wood beneath the stain. He then does a bit of detail with painted … [ Read the Rest... ]

Lightning Brother Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo “PICK OF THE WEEK”

We had introduced the concept of a Didgeridoo “Pick of the Week” shortly after our new site launched, by showcasing the didgeridoos on Facebook. The idea unfortunately faded around the holidays and we never picked it back up again until now. The idea behind our pick of the week, is to showcase any instrument that stands out as a current favorite in the mix. All the didgeridoos are great, but from time to time one just stands out from the … [ Read the Rest... ]


Help Support Documentary on Djalu on Kickstarter

Los Angeles based documentary film maker Joshua Bell is raising funds on Kickstarter to help complete his latest project “Why is No One Listening” which focuses on Djalu Gurruwiwi and his community. For those who may not know, Djalu is an Australian Aboriginal elder, leader of the Galpu clan, and world-renowned didjeridu master, as he fights for the future of his family and his community. Alcoholism and drug abuse run rampant, while a ravenous bauxite mining company continues to swallow … [ Read the Rest... ]


Glass didgeridoos by Nicola Mainville

Heads up didgeridoo community! Got some cool news! LA Outback has just posted three incredible didgeridoos by Canadian crafter Nicola Mainville who specializes in hand blown glass instruments. These beauties really have to be seen for those who appreciate truly unique didgeridoos that are also fine pieces of art. We’ve recently become acquainted with Nicola’s beautiful didgeridoo crafting when one of his instruments came to us on consignment and we are very excited to have his work present on our … [ Read the Rest... ]

Robert Remington Didjeridus

New Robert Remington Agave Didgeridoos

You gotta see the Spitting Cobra didge! LA Outback just listed ten new, stunningly handsome agave didgeridoos by Robert Remington on the website. Our listings include HD video demos for every instrument. Read further down to see the didgeridoo I named ‘Venom Fever’ which features a real spitting cobra sealed beneath the resin. Robert recently retired from a career as a goldsmith and jewelry designer which he began at the encouragement of his stepfather, the late Frank Polk, a renowned … [ Read the Rest... ]