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Didgeridoo Crafter Tyler Spencer Interviewed

Tyler Spencer – Oregon based didgeridoo crafter Our good friend Tyler Spencer has been interviewed by The Eugene Daily News. Tyler discusses his long history with the didgeridoo as both player and craftsman. He’s been making didgeridoos from bamboo, agave and native hardwood for over a decade, and pioneered the concept of using wood as a replacement for beeswax on the mouthpiece. Tyler’s instruments are highly regarded as some of the best US made didgeridoos on the market because of … [ Read the Rest... ]

Robert Remington Didgeridoos

Seven New Robert Remington Agave Didgeridoos

Check out the latest beautiful agave didgeridoos from Robert Remington! Robert Remington makes amazing hand crafted didgeridoos from agave. If you’re not familiar with the agave plant, it is a desert succulent that grows all throughout the most South Western states including Southern California. The plant produces one giant stalk near the end of their life cycle, and this giant shoot is what crafters make didges from. We are pleased to have seven of these new beauties in from Robert, … [ Read the Rest... ]

gorangutang indigogo

Gorangutang Launches Indigogo Campaign to Make Debut Album!

Gorangutang is a cool electro-funk-rap band who’s members are based in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The unit is comprised of William Thoren on didgeridoo, mandolin and vocals; Tra’zae Clinton on keyboards and vocals, Trey Lewd on vocals and guitar Andrew Haas on bass and Josh Jones on Drums. The group is a Los Angeles based group that mixes electronic hip hop with live elements of funk, rock, and organic dubstep sounding didgeridoo rhythms. The group is led by … [ Read the Rest... ]

Zalem and Adele

Adele & Zalem – Didgeridoo Duet Music Video

Here’s a cool video from Adele and Zalem which features a didgeridoo duet track from their 2013 album “Urban Tree”. Adèle and Zalem have both played the aboriginal musical instrument known as the didgeridoo since 2002. During a performance together in Grenoble France, the pair realized that the inspiration they brought to each other couldn’t be ignored, so they formed their duet. Each brings their own unique perspective on the instrument, blending together into an amazing duo. Both players are … [ Read the Rest... ]