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LA Outback Didj Stand

New Didgeridoo Display Stands

Didgeridoo Display Stand Kiln dried African mahogany wood with screw-in peg. We’ve been wanting to offer this concept in a didgeridoo display stand for many years. Didgeridoo stands like these are available in Australia, but imagine the cost of importing stacks of wood slabs from down under and having to add the cost of freight to your price… it just wasn’t going to happen. So it’s taken a while to find the right U.S. source for beautiful, kiln dried wood … [ Read the Rest... ]

LA Outback t shirts

LA Outback “Walk Softly and Carry a Loud Stick” Shirts

Just a reminder that LA Outback offers t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies and other cool gear featuring our famous slogan “Walk Softly and Carry a Loud Stick”. These items are only available in our Cafe Press store since what’s available through their on demand service allows us to have far more options available for you to choose from. Visit the LA Outback Cafe Press shop to pick up your “Walk Softly and Carry a Loud Stick” wearables today! Visit LA Outback’s … [ Read the Rest... ]