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LA Outback Aboriginal Art Sale

Over the past fifteen years, LA Outback has carved out a presence online as the number one resource in the US for high quality didgeridoos and Australian aboriginal art. As always we strive to focus on offering quality aboriginal art at very accessible prices. We can afford do this as we don’t have the heavy overhead costs that many brick and mortar art galleries face when selling to the public face to face. Right now is a great time to … [ Read the Rest... ]


Didgeridoo and Sleep Apnea – Alex Suarez Interview Part 2

Barry Martin sits down for a one on one interview with Alex Suarez, the founder of Asate, a Swiss based medical organization, which specializes in the therapeutic use of the didgeridoo for sleep apnea. In this second part of their interview Alex continues to discuss his experiences with learning to play the didgeridoo for his own sleep apnea, and how that led to the initial Swiss study which was published internationally including the British Medical Journal. Alex describes the different … [ Read the Rest... ]


Free Larry’s Beans Coffee With Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Purchase

Enjoy a ‘Cuppa’ On Us SPECIAL OFFER! Get a free 12oz bag of Larry’s Beans coffee with the purchase of any eucalyptus didgeridoo while supply lasts. To learn all about these awesome roasters in Raleigh, NC, just visit their website. It’s our favorite didgeri-brew, and we always have a fresh pot on both for ourselves and for visiting customers. Try L.A.Outback’s favorite didgeri-brew for free. We’ve got fresh bags of Larry’s Beans amazing Cowboy Blend ready to ship with your … [ Read the Rest... ]


Evoking the Dreamtime – by Barry Martin

Just hearing or reading the word Dreamtime may conjure up surreal images of a utopian world where everything is just as it should be. But what does this word really mean and where did it come from? The answer can be as complex as the ideal. First, know that the word Dreamtime was not derived or interpreted from any Australian Aboriginal language. Rather, this evocative term was coined by early anthropologists to represent the entirety of Aboriginal mythology, law, and … [ Read the Rest... ]


New Yidaki and Vintage Didgeridoos

LA Outback has just received a beautiful collection of yidaki and vintage didgeridoos the other day. The instruments are now photographed with individual video demos by expert player Andjru Werderitsch. All these incredible Australian instruments have been acquired from a personal collection of a longtime didgeridoo customer, who built a beautiful quiver of outstanding sticks over the years. Like many collectors he simple needed to scale back his collection and is hoping they all eventually find great new homes. If … [ Read the Rest... ]