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Lewis Burns Didgeridoo

The New LAO Site

For those who aren’t on our newsletter list, or if you haven’t visited us before, we’ve given LA Outback both a face-lift and a tech-lift. From social media plug-ins you can interact with to a user-friendly shopping cart with 1 page checkout. This is quite an upgrade and we hope you like it! Please let us know, as your comments and  suggestions will help us make it even better. I’d like to thank Mark for his tireless endeavor to get … [ Read the Rest... ]

Debora Wilson at MindShare Event

LA Outback at MindShare Los Angeles

One of the things I love most about living in Los Angeles, besides the weather, is the incredible diversity of people, places, and ideas. So when an invitation to tell our “didgeridoo story” to a crowd of nearly 400 at MindShare was offered up, we leapt at the opportunity like a pack of paddymelons. MindShare is a monthly event held at different venues around L.A. The night we did our didgeridoo presentation it was held at the old Los Angeles … [ Read the Rest... ]