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New MP3 Download Store

After many years of watching CD sales decline, we’ve really wanted to offer the ability to give customers the option of purchasing music as MP3 downloads. There are so many talented didgeridoo artists out there who really deserve to have their material heard, however we couldn’t afford to sit on inventory for extended periods as sales trickled in. As a result our CD section sadly became very limited. Well now the time is here to finally pull our vision together … [ Read the Rest... ]


Tippi Hedren Visits LA Outback

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Tippi Hedren here at the shop. She came by to pick up a didgeridoo for a family member and was gracious enough to allow us to snap a couple photos for the LA Outback scrapbook. Most of you might only know Tippi Hedren for her acting career, including her famed roll in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, which has spanned an impressive 50 years. For those of you who may know, she’s … [ Read the Rest... ]

LA Outback Mobile Store

LA Outback on Your Mobile Phone

One of the exciting features of LA Outback’s new online store is the ability to shop on your iPhone or other hand held device. With a couple simple taps on your phone you can browse through every category on the site easily navigating to the products that interest you. Viewing the didgeridoo of your dreams is as simple as a few quick taps as you scroll from our traditional eucalyptus, agave, exotic hardwoods and modern categories. Once you’ve found a … [ Read the Rest... ]

Justin and Jeremy Arndt

Justin and Jeremy Arndt Perform at LA Outback

Justin and Jeremy Arndt paid a visit to LA Outback, gracing our ‘Tiki Hut Stage’ with a handfull of songs for didgeridoo, frame drum, halo drum and Cajon. The brothers both reside in upstate Michigan and stopped by LA Outback while visiting California on a mini-tour in Los Angeles. They had been performing at yoga centers and churches while here, and we were lucky they had some free time to visit and and journey out for dinner at one of … [ Read the Rest... ]


Agave Didgeridoo Sale at LA Outback

Now through December 15th, get 15% off all of our entire selection of beautiful agave didgeridoos. LA Outback is known for representing some of the best known agave and yucca didgeridoo crafters in the US, and we only put them on sale once or twice a year. Included in December’s sale are didgeridoos by Geoff Frost, Robert Remington, Tyler Spencer, Myke Gomezmaicas, Brad Evans and Andjru Werderitsch. If you’ve had your eye on one of these beauties, now is the … [ Read the Rest... ]