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Jayla The Band

Jayla Perform at LA Outback

Check out the live video of the band Jayla performing “After the Rain” in our backyard at the ‘famous’ Tiki Hut. The band Jayla is Nikki Thompson on cajon, Diane Kelley on guitar and vocals, with guest musician Lisa Byrne on didgeridoo. Just a few hours later they were performing at the famous Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip. Visit www.laoutback.com for a great selection of didgeridoos available in the US

Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Sale

Holiday Didgeridoo Sale

Get 10% off a beautiful eucalyptus didgeridoo for yourself or pass it along as a perfect holiday gift. LA Outback presents it’s annual pre-holiday didgeridoo sale where you can get unbeatable prices on authentic Aboriginal crafted instruments. Act quickly, as the sale is only active until the end of November. Grab your perfect didgeridoo before it finds it’s way into someone else’s stocking. Below is a photo featuring our latest collection of didgeridoos in from Australia.

Robert Remington Didjeridus

New Robert Remington Agave Didgeridoos

You gotta see the Spitting Cobra didge! LA Outback just listed ten new, stunningly handsome agave didgeridoos by Robert Remington on the website. Our listings include HD video demos for every instrument. Read further down to see the didgeridoo I named ‘Venom Fever’ which features a real spitting cobra sealed beneath the resin. Robert recently retired from a career as a goldsmith and jewelry designer which he began at the encouragement of his stepfather, the late Frank Polk, a renowned … [ Read the Rest... ]


New Geoff Frost Didges

LA Outback just received a new selection of Geoff Frost agave and gourd didgeridoos over the weekend. As always Geoff has created some beautiful instruments and each is a super sweet player with his ultimate attention to detail. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing or hearing one of Geoff’s didgeridoos, you’re in for a treat. Check out any of the videos we’ve captured on the product details page for each instrument and feast your ears on their amazing … [ Read the Rest... ]

Will Thoren Portrait

Will Thoren – WET Didgeridoos

William Thoren is a crafter, performer and photographer best known for discovering and developing the Drop Octave and Multi Drone techniques. He lives in Southern California in the heart of the Santa Monica mountains. (CLICK HERE to view Will’s didgeridoos in LA Outback’s ‘Exotic Timbers’ section). William picked up the didgeridoo at the age of 11 while on a family vacation in Costa Rica. All throughout middle school and high school made his own didgeridoos out of PVC pipe, yucca, … [ Read the Rest... ]

Lewis Burns Didgeridoo

The New LAO Site

For those who aren’t on our newsletter list, or if you haven’t visited us before, we’ve given LA Outback both a face-lift and a tech-lift. From social media plug-ins you can interact with to a user-friendly shopping cart with 1 page checkout. This is quite an upgrade and we hope you like it! Please let us know, as your comments and  suggestions will help us make it even better. I’d like to thank Mark for his tireless endeavor to get … [ Read the Rest... ]

Debora Wilson at MindShare Event

LA Outback at MindShare Los Angeles

One of the things I love most about living in Los Angeles, besides the weather, is the incredible diversity of people, places, and ideas. So when an invitation to tell our “didgeridoo story” to a crowd of nearly 400 at MindShare was offered up, we leapt at the opportunity like a pack of paddymelons. MindShare is a monthly event held at different venues around L.A. The night we did our didgeridoo presentation it was held at the old Los Angeles … [ Read the Rest... ]